Month: May 2013

Second Contest!

Let the second contest begin! Basically, this is copy and pasted with a few minor changes like the dates and the prize.

The prizes will be themed gift baskets, and when I post that a contest is beginning, I will post descriptions and maybe sometimes pics of the contents of said basket and the start and end date of said contest. What you, my faithful followers, will then do, i try to earn entries into the raffle/random drawing for these prizes, which I will explain in the next few paragraphs how to do.

To gain FIVE entries into the drawing, you can write me something explaining why you feel you deserve the prize, what you would do with the contents of the prize basket, or a combo of both. Get creative! Get dirty! Get down–right raunchy for all I care! I will post an email address where you can submit these little essays/stories/poems/whatever-the-hell-you-choose-to-write-it-as and I will post, with your permission of course and also without your names attached, the ones I find the most entertaining or moving or whatever on the blog. The one I like the best make even get a second little prize just for being that damn awesome. 😉

The email address you can send those to is

To gain THREE entries into the drawing you can like us on our FB page and for everyone who already likes the page when the next contest rolls around, you’ll get three automatic free entries.

To gain THREE entries into the drawing, you can become a follower of my blog (meaning you subscribe to receive emails whenever I update). If you’re already a follower, you automatically get three entries into the drawing.

For ONE entry, you can leave a comment on any of my blog posts. That’s one entry PER comment, so the more comments you leave, the more entries you get, but please, don’t just spam my blog with inane crap. Make them thoughtful or something at the very least. Damn people. Lol. This part will start over for each contest so once the contest ends, only the comments left before the end date, but before the start of the next contest date, will be counted. So let’s say this contest starts today and ends July 23, and the next contest doesn’t start until a later date, all comments left after that end date will apply towards the next contest.

So the details of this contest are as follows:

~Runs from May 24-June 22
~The winner will be drawn and announced June 23, my two month-iversary!.
~ I will contact winner privately and get their address so I can ship it to them, free of charge.
~The prize will be a variety of products from the System Jo line, including lubes, clit stimulants, g-spot stimulants, even shaving cream! I will also include a sample of my all time favorite lube, Uberlube. It will come in a nice little basket-type thing, all shrink-wrapped and tied with a gift bow. I will also include a handwritten note telling you what each product does and how it can be used and dos and don’ts and all that kind of fun stuff.

So get your happy butts started on entering!

The only caveat of the whole thing is that I want a full-fledged report from whoever the winner is on the products and how they liked them and what did or didn’t work for them or what they did and didn’t like. 🙂

And the winner is….

Sorry I’m so late in posting this. Shit came up. :-p

But now is the time when I announce the winner!

And that would be…


I’ll be contacting you soon darling to make sure your address is still the same and all of that. I also have another little gift for you that I picked up ages ago that I’m gonna mail to you. 😉

And don’t forget! You have to let me know how this stuff works out for you! 😉

Eric, my boyfriend, picked the winner, so you have him to thank. 😉

I will be posting another entry about the next contest tomorrow so keep an eye out for that.

Congrats Charlotte!

The Origins

I wrote the below post when I first started this blog back in 2010, when it was supposed to be about my city and the attractions that were in it. I didn’t know what compelled me to call it “Sex and the Holy City” when I first made it, considering I wasn’t intending it to be sexual at all and I had yet to start working at the adult store, but everything happens for a reason and now this blog has blossomed into so much more than just a regional themed site to attract tourists. I still find this first post I wrote very sensual and a bit erotic, so I thought I’d share it with you guys. 😉

The sultry summer evenings, when the sun is setting, in that twilight where the edges of the sky are tinged with brilliant pink, but not too bright, and misty gray, almost silver, the paling blue receding and fading. The serenade of the creatures: the crickets melodious soprano, that alto/tenor of the tree frogs enjoying the warmth of the summer nights and humidity that adds the wetness the love, and the occasionally deep bass of the bullfrogs adding to the harmony that is the night sound of nature.

When twilight begins to descend into night, that one lone star shines high and bright in the sky, no other stars visible in any other direction, just that one beacon that draws your eye and reflects off the ponds and lakes and waters of the South, a diamond on the surface of the murky waters, shining ever more brightly for the contrast between it’s brilliance and the depth of the brown of the water.

The lingering fragrance of the Confederate Jasmine and Ligustrum and other forest musk of other plants and wild flowers that hangs heavy in the air, a heady and intoxicating perfume that calms the soul and reaches deep within you. It’s a scent unlike any other: floral, but deep deep floral, strong and intense, hitting you like a powerful wave, like walking into a wall of scent. It’s a heavy floral, almost like the gentle smell of the honey suckle, but much more…pungent and overwhelmingly exquisite.

Memories of other summers, as youths, brought back by the site of actual wild honeysuckle growing among the trees and bushes, on the outskirts of the woods, brilliant colors and that wonderfully sweet smell, even if not as consuming as the one mentioned above. The taste of the flower itself, the dew, the nectar, nourishing the core of you, lingering in your heart and soul, like a warmth wrapping you tightly in it’s embrace. To extract this ambrosia, you pluck a flower from the vine, it’s delicate and silky feel against your palm and fingers. You then pinch off the green bottom, holding onto it as you slide out the middle stem of the flower, the pistil/style, until you reach the bulging top of the stem, the stigma, which barely fits through the opening you’ve created at the bottom of the flower, and as you pull the stigma through, the honey become a droplet at the base of the flower, at the whole, that you lap up and suck out.

It’s strangely erotic, as the pistil is considered the female reproductive part of a flower, which leads one to think of lapping up other sweet natural nectar from other females organs. It’s provocative, arousing, stimulating and thrilling, a rush of titillating bewitching vitalization coursing through your entire being. It’s an electrifying tonic, for the sensual.

So maybe there is more sex in this city than I originally thought. Mmmm… I guess I have to take back my statement that this won’t be about sexual interests, because nature and aesthetics and beauty arouse even the most placid of us in primal ways we can’t explain or even understand.

For the more innocent, it’s invigorating, decadent, a special treat, like a rare and cherished candy only allowed on occasions of moment. It’s delightful and exciting and a bit wild to those with childlike minds. It’s a small pleasure, a wonderful indulgence of the summer.

When the moon is full, it’s amazing. It’s huge and a light orange/gold, which will hopefully show as much as possible it’s magnificence in the pictures I post, though there is no comparison to seeing it hanging low in the sky, a perfectly round orb in the deep blue, almost black, that envelopes the earth.

This, this, is only PART of the beauty of this Southern paradise, this beauty among the filth that is South Carolina. This is what makes it all worth it. This is what captures my heart and holds me prisoner, to the point where I can never imagine leaving, never imagine being parted from this place.

I hope you enjoyed your first sip of the elixir that is my home. Stay tuned for more verbose and poetic tidbits, as well as reviews of local attractions that tantalize and draw people from all over the word to this much-loved city.

Hell, even Tom Cruise is rumored to have a beach house, as is Bill Murray.


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Eye of the Beholder

Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I’m astounded by what I see.

I’m actually a very pretty girl, and that surprises me immensely. In my mind’s eye, I’m not a pretty girl at all. The way I see myself: I am a broken mess.

But really, I’ve got it all together now. I’m not the broken little girl I used to be.

I’m a gorgeous woman with a beautiful body that I can now look at with acceptance and hell, even happiness with it. I used to hate my body and think I was fat back when I weighed 90 pounds. Now I weigh close to 130 and I think my body is amazing.

I love my curves, I love the softness of my skin, I love how flawless my skin looks and smooth it is, I love the freckles and moles that dot my body all over, I love the squishyness of my ass and the shape of it, I love the way my breasts are perky and natural and rounded. I love all of me. I love the way my hair falls and feels and looks. I love my eyes and their intensity.

It’s an incredible feeling to love yourself, to look in that mirror and see something beautiful.

I may sound vain, but damn it, I think I deserve to be a little vain after all the years of disgust I felt with my body. Now I can see myself for the sexual being I am. I can see myself as a sex goddess and I can understand why my boyfriend would be so attracted to me.

I used to not get why he was always all over me and wanting me so badly and telling me how sexy and beautiful I am. I used to scoff at his compliments and his attraction towards me, because I never thought of myself as beautiful or pretty or even slightly attractive. I couldn’t understand why he would want me physically.

When I feel beautiful, I feel sexy and great.

And even though I’m not completely happy with my body, because honestly what woman is ever COMPLETELY happy with her body, I still can see my own beauty. It’s all about acceptance and embracing what you have as what you need and want.

Real beauty comes from self-confidence and having self-esteem.

And I’m slowly finding those within myself.


******Don’t forget the contest going on! All the information is on the blog or you can click here to read the post!*****

Sexualizing Children and Society’s Impact On It *EDITED*

*EDIT: Just wanted to post something I found on another blog, which is the American Psychological Association’s definition of sexualization, which says when any of these four components are presents, that’s when sexualization occurs:

  • a person’s value comes only from his or her sexual appeal or behavior, to the exclusion of other characteristics;
  • a person is held to a standard that equates physical attractiveness (narrowly defined) with being sexy;
  • a person is sexually objectified — that is, made into a thing for others’ sexual use, rather than seen as a person with the capacity for independent action and decision making; and/or
  • sexuality is inappropriately imposed upon a person.*


A friend of mine posted something on FB today that I really wanted to share with you guys. I’ll also share my response to it, to give a more well-rounded view of the whole thing.

I'm having trouble with something. I am bothered by little girls wearing make up. It upsets me. The first thing I think is "That's too grown up." A part of me sees it as too grown up because it's "sexualizing" a child. I sometimes wince when I see teenagers wearing what I would, traditionally think of as, very adult clothes like very, very short skirts.

None of this seems unreasonable because that is the kind of thinking I grew up with. However.. since becoming an anti-rape culture activist and pushing forward to end slut shamming (ex: a girl wearing certain clothes or make up means she wants sex and she doesn't think highly of herself, she must want all kinds of men.. etc etc. This is what I want to end)..

I'm having trouble with knowing where to draw the line. For me, in the child example, I don't think that's outrageous. it is shocking to see a grown up face and "grown up" issues on someone who probably still literally cries over spilt milk (however, I feel strange that I feel make up is "sexualizing" them. THoughts on that?).. But where do you draw the line with teenagers? The "age of consent" is all over the place. It varies from state to state let alone from country to country.

Yet, I have no problem when it's an 18 year old girl wearing whatever she wants. I never see it as "sexualizing" then. What the hell people? I dislike hypocrisies.. and yet there seems to be something here I can't explain. What do you think?

My response will be shared in bold. My friend who wrote the original post’s response will be shared in italics again.

I agree that sexualizing children and teens is a very bad thing and needs to be stopped, but I also see where you’re coming from in questioning what exactly “sexualizing” means. Like, why does make-up automatically mean “sexualizing” or hell, why do short skirts even mean “sexualizing”? Short skirts is a little bit easier to understand in terms of sexualizing, because it’s exposing more skin and showing the ass, which is definitely sexual in nature, though at the same time, should we even really consider body parts “sexual”, like how people consider breasts sexual when they really serve a purpose in the production of milk to feed children. Should we be trying to desexualize things like body parts or the wearing of make-up or the baring of flesh? I dunno. It’s a tough subject to really have an opinion on because society has so much baring on our thought processes because of how it’s infected us since childhood and been beaten into our brains since childhood. :-p

Yeah! This is EXACTLY my conflict. You're saying it better than I can at the moment. It bugs me that I automatically go "that's too sexy for that age." And I can't tell where the reaction comes from. I am super uncomfortable when .. well, like when I see beauty pageants for little girls? But.. anyway.. why is it that I sometimes think "too sexy" for teenagers? And other days? I don't even notice. Not really.

I think about different societies and how they treat various outfits when I'm thinking of this. Short skits is not allowed or dismissed or ignored in India. In Brazil? People ride the bus in bikinis and no one blinks an eye (so I'm told). It's so normal for them and doesn't automatically get defaulted to sex. And I LIKE that. I also hear that Europe is far less conservative than America is about this. I mean, that's many countries to discuss but on a whole, that's the impression I have.

She asked for a few of her friends opinions as well, so I may update this or write a new post to share their responses, but I just felt that this was a good topic of discussion for you guys to see and hopefully comment on as well. Let me know what you think!

And don’t forget about my contest! All the info about it can be found here on the blog in multiple entries or you can go here to see the original post about it.

B(logging) U(nder the) I(nfluence) (of Subspace)

I just had another subspace moment, where I was just so overwhelmed by sensations that I just spiraled into a world of bliss and peace and space-y-ness and being out of it and floating and just riding a wave of pleasure into oblivion. It really was “la petite morte”. Mmmm….. So good.

There’s just something about making love and having your partner make love to you that just makes me feel so complete. I know I’ve written that before, but being engulfed in pleasure that your partner is the cause of is…euphoric… It’s like an experience that can’t be described in words. It’s just too intense and too sacred and too beautiful and intimate to be done justice by putting it into words.

I feel like a puddle of pure ecstasy and calm and balance. I feel like all is right with the world and that I can’t be bothered by any of my troubles. My whole body is tingling and I’m just bathing in the aftermath of extremely good sex. Though it was like more than just “sex” and more akin to our souls uniting and dancing together.

I just wanted to make a note that since starting this blog and endeavoring to try to find my sexuality again, our sex life has only become better and better. Tonight was the best sex we’ve ever had, and I hope I can continue to say that for a long while about each and every time we come together to make love.

I’m going to go bask in the afterglow and snuggle with the amazing man who just did this to me. I am so blessed to have such an attentive and devoted and caring and tender lover who enjoys pleasing me almost as much, if not actually even more, than he enjoys getting pleased himself.

I’m a luck gal. 😉

And a sensations slut.


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