Month: June 2013

Societal Slandering

Why is it that when we hear the word “slut” or anything similar to it in connotation that we get so bent out of shape and down about ourselves as women? Shouldn’t it be something that is “okay” and “accepted”, that women can be sexually provocative too and it’s all right?

Many know that I’m someone who hold intense feminists beliefs and views, and I believe that we live in a culture where women are NOT treated equally as men, especially in issues of sexuality, but I do admit that we HAVE gotten closer to equal rights for both sexes than we used to be.

That said, I still believe we have a long way to go until we reach TRUE and PURE equality, as I believe that people should all be treated as PEOPLE and not “man” or “woman” and that we should all truly be equal in terms of rights and things of that nature.

That doesn’t mean I still don’t think there should be separate things for women and men, like restrooms. I still think there should be separate restrooms, by the way. I just think that women and men should be on equal footing in all regards when it comes to social and societal aspects of things. Like our pay shouldn’t depend on our gender. And there should be no shit like “victim blaming” where we teach girls how to protect themselves from getting raped, but we say nothing to men about how NOT to rape. That’s my biggest feminist issue right there: rape culture.

As a by-product of that culture, having been molested as a teenager, I was a victim of “victim blaming”, where I was told by both my father and friends that it was MY FAULT because I CHOOSE to be in that situation. Yes, because women just LOVE to be raped and molested, so we TOTALLY choose to ALLOW ourselves to be taken advantage of and traumatized for life. Because that makes SO MUCH SENSE. *headdesk*

I believe boys and girls should be taught more about sex and even masturbation in schools and that we should also be taught basic relationship skills about how to maintain a healthy and loving relationship with another person. We need to be taught how to respect one another and communicate, because those are skills that are more important than math or any of that shit.

I believe women shouldn’t have to worry about being called derogatory names or judged if they choose to dress a little sexily or show a little skin or cleavage. Sex should not be something that is hidden in the shadows and made out to be a “bad thing” that is “dirty” and “shameful”.

We need to teach women AND men to love their bodies and cherish them and not be ashamed of themselves.

And that’s what I have to say about that.

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