Month: March 2014

Media Furthers Rape Culture

Media Furthers Rape Culture

Just goes to show that you can’t even trust the media anymore to do the right thing or try to fight against the rape culture we now live in. :-p




*This is an old draft entry that I had from awhile ago, but just trying to get all the old stuff published before I start any new stuff. 😉 *

What’s New in the World of Moi?

Hey gang!

It really has been what feels like forever since I’ve been here, and I just wanted to give you guys a little update as to what’s been going down in my life. 😉

I no longer work at the retail sex store, but I still work in the sex industry. I now run a Pure Romance business, Pure Romance by Mandy, and I don’t just do in-home parties, I also do Facebook parties as well, and you can find me on FB at my Fanpage.

Right now, I’m actually running a Booking Blitz to try and book as many parties as possible and even offering a prize for booking a party or referring people to me who book parties. We’re launching a new product line on March 15th and if you book a party or get someone else to book a party, you get to choose a product worth $50 or less if you or whoever you referred keeps their original party date (for an in-home party) or makes at least $300 in retail sales (for an FB party).

You can contact me through my Fanpage on Facebook or through email at to book parties, though since this is a blog I’m assuming most of you would do FB parties, which last a week and are done through an events page on FB, where you can invite as many of your friends are you want, even men (because men aren’t allowed at in-home parties due to corporate policy, unless it’s under special circumstances). Help me help myself and my team by booking a party or referring someone to book a party through me today through Wednesday, though I’ll take bookings after that of course, that’s just when the prize giveaway is good for! 😉


In other news, I moved in with my fiance/boyfriend into our first very own apartment back at the end of September and we’ll be celebrating our 10 year anniversary on March 13th. 🙂

So I’m still fighting the good fight with sexual empowerment through my new business, which I just started in January, and still planning to keep up this blog!

And if you’re ever in the market for sexual products, check me out with my Pure Romance business, because if you don’t want to order directly through me, which you can do through my email,, you can order through my website, linked above a few times, and they’ll ship it directly to you discreetly and I’ll still get the credit for it. 🙂

Au revoir for now!

Erotica- D/s Experience

Dearest Readers!

I know it’s been a very very VERY long time since I posted on this blog, and for that I apologize. Unfortunate happenstances occurred within my life and to me to cause me to be unable to keep up with the blog and kept me from being able to come back to it…

But fear not! For I have returned! And to kick-start the restart of Sex and the Holy City, I give you a tale of erotica written by your’s truly to get you all BACK “in the mood” for this blog… 😉

Now for something a little different… 😉


I preen for him before the camera, massaging my perky breasts and pushing them together, flicking a playful tongue over the soft skin as he glances my way, his eyes attracted by my movements. He slowly smiles, asking what it is that I think I’m doing.

“Why, distracting you, of course,” I reply simply and mock-sweetly, fondling myself even more and running finger tips lightly over my nipples with a broad grin at him.

I tell him I’m feeling frisky and demand his attention, even though he’s on the other side of the country, and we’re merely interacting through computer screens and webcams.

I whip out our trusty dildo, Proxy, a new toy for us, a gift from him purchased and given to me during his latest visit to see me, only a month or so prior. I grin even more broadly as I drag my long tongue up the side of the toy, nipping at it ever so slightly, continuing to grin at him the whole time.

He chuckles deeply, his voice thick with growing desire. And as I hope, he sets aside his video game console and turns his attentions soley towards me.

“I want to try something,” I say implishly, brandishing the dildo like a sword at my triumph of finally staking a claim on his wayward attentions and smiling wildly.

“And what is that?” he asks, his smile evident in his voice.

“I was to try a D/S type situation…” I say slowly, but deliberately. “Where we get to be in control, and you can tell the other what to do in all ways… but maybe for only a day at first.” I hastily add the last part.

He agrees that it could be fun, and I tell him he gets to go first. I notice it’s after midnight already, and tell him his day has already begun, with a smile full of lust.

His attitude immediately changes. He becomes calm and cool and totally in control. He is commanding and demanding, and before him I become the meek, subservient little slave to his “master”, something I never thought possible.

I give myself wholly into the game, into the spirit of the experience, doing as he commands, knowing that he would never ask of me anything that would cause me great pain, trusting in him completely that he won’t lead me astray and will only lead me to a realm of pleasure.

When he commands to me to rub my dildo on my face, I willingly oblige, without hesitation. When he commands I spit on my breast and rub it into my nipple, I do as he says, with a demure “yes, Master”.

He does punish me for slip ups, but in ways that are effective towards me. He cuts the camera off so that I can no longer see his beautiful face or the glorious erection of his perfect penis. He knows this agitates me, but I do not complain, merely accepting my punishment, and continuing on with my work, until he feels I have satisfactorily made up for my mistakes, and cuts his camera back on.

My biggest mistake is calling him “Sir” instead of “Master”, which I blame on my southern upbringing. I curse myself everytime the word “Sir” begins to slip out, but as the night wears on, I learn to catch myself, and replace it with the dutiful “Master”.

And what a kind and gentle master he is, perfect for me in this new exploration of our sexuality. I could never abide a hard “Master”, one who punishes cruelly or with pain. MY “Master” says things such as “your pleasure is my pleasure”, and seeks to bring me only joy and release, not pain or humiliation. The most severe name he calls me is “slave”, and even that has a tenderness to it, as if he only says it because it means I belong to him and him only in the most thorough way one can belong to another.

He orders me to bring myself to orgasm, by any means necessary, and I do so gladly, taking pleasure in his guttural noises as he enjoys the way this whole new experience has aroused me and something inside of me.

I cum hard and fast, my infamous ability to squirt aiding me in showing just HOW much I enjoyed myself, and I as I come down from the heights of ecstasy, he orders me to bed, and gives me my instructions for tomorrow, to await him online dressed as he desires…