My Cup Runnenth Over



My ability to squirt or achieve female ejaculation or female ejaculate was only regained once Eric and I broke things off and once my sexuality kicked itself back into high gear. I’m only really able to do it when I truly just let myself go and completely indulge in the pleasures of the activities being performed and letting that pleasure consume and engulf me without inhibitions or hesitations. And when I do do it…my cup TRULY doth runneth OVER. I mean, ALL OVER. SOAKING. Lol. TMI much? 😉

I wasn’t able to do this with Eric for quite a while, even though the first time I DID do it EVER was with him, and it was just recently that I was able to just relax and let him please me and not get caught up in the workings of my brain and was able to come like a fountain for him. Of course, this was also when we first started using the butt plug again, so that could have had something to do with it as well. Lol.

I don’t THINK I ejaculate when we have sex, but then again, I have a penis wedged up pretty tight inside my vag, so I might, I just might not know it because it gets backed up in the vaginal cavity due to said penis.

I DID however, for the first time EVER in all the times we’ve had sex, leak when I got off of Eric recently (not a butt plug time), and that kinda weirded me out and freaked me out a little. I don’t know if it was my ejaculate or his ejaculate or a mix or what, but something came out of my vagina, and I did not like it one bit, because it made me scared that my vagina was starting to lose it’s tightness, which I so prize (as does Eric). But it only happened once and didn’t happen the next time we had sex, so I dunno. *shrugs*

I just know I’m glad to be a squirter again. It makes me feel like I’ve gained back some part of my sexuality that I feel I had lost when I stopped doing it. And yah for that! Sex goddess mode initiate! ❤

No Homo

Just a little blurb before we get to the real meat of the entry that I didn’t want to include in my last post because I didn’t want to take away from the seriousness of it, but my anniversary with WordPress was on August 1st! Happy Anniversary to meeeeee!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



Here’s my opinion on anal:


There, I said it. Anal=not gay. The end. Period.

I truly believe that anal is just another way for men and women to enjoy each other. Or hell, if you ARE gay, then for women to enjoy women or men to enjoy men. It’s just about pleasure, it’s not about your sexual preference or even your romantic preference.

It’s a now known fact that prostate stimulation, through anal penetration, is actually BENEFICIAL to men’s health. It keeps them from getting prostrate problems and allows them to be healthier than they would be if they weren’t having their prostrate stimulated.

And the prostate orgasm is supposed to be the BEST orgasm a man can have.

So to all you guys out there, DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY ANAL. Let her peg you. Experiment. See what it’s like. See if you enjoy it. If you do, more power to you! If you don’t, then at least you can say you tried it out just to know.

But please, start SMALL then work your way up to BIG. Don’t just go BIG. This is for women too. Going BIG immediately, like with a PENIS, is BAD. You can tear or rip your hole. That’s not good. And of course if you do something like go big at first, it WILL HURT. And that’s not the purpose of anal AT ALL. It’s to feel PLEASURE. So if it HURTS, you’re doing something wrong.

You can start with fingers. One, then two, then three. If you’re squimish about putting your fingers in someone’s rectum, use a condom or a finger condom. Or use butt plugs. Start out slim and small, then work your way up.

I had to do this with my vagina. In order to have sex, I had to dilate myself with, well, dilators that I bought from a medical website because of all the psychological issues I was having that prevented me from being able to have sex without the help of anything like toys or lube.

The butt is much like a vagina of a person like me, where you can’t just go for the penis, you have to work your way up to the penis.

I just wanted to get my opinion on anal sex out there for all to know, because I really feel it’s a total shame when people get uppity about it and claim it makes you a “fag” or any of those other derogatory and WRONG words that imply you’re “homosexual”.

You know what I say to those people?


And that’s that. 😉

Emmanuel Nine


I feel that being that this blog is titled “Sex and the HOLY CITY”, I should at least acknowledge the horrible event that occurred in my city and made us a staple on the evening news now-a-days.

It was heart-breakingly tragic. So tragic. And so unnecessary. Racism shouldn’t exist today. We should have overcome that shit a very long time ago. And it’s absolutely infuriating that we haven’t.

My dad is a hardcore racist, except he likes certain African-American people he knows. So he picks and chooses his racism, which is stupid. His whole way of thinking is stupid. I admit, I used to crack racist jokes with my dad and my best friend when I was younger and sometimes, even in recent years, just to relive the past, but it’s sad that that’s how I remember my past: racism.

When will we as a culture evolve to look beyond the color of people’s skin but into the content of their characters? When will people stop living up to the stereotypes placed upon them and furthering the racial war that seems to still be waging in this country?

It’s time. It’s time to evolve. Time to grow. Time to STOP. Time to LOVE. Time to ACCEPT.

*drops mic*


Catch Up Time!

So let me get you all caught up on what’s been happening in the life of me…

My Pure Romance business basically went under because I couldn’t secure any in-person parties, which are the meat of a Pure Romance business, so it was basically costing me money to keep it going, so I let it go. C’est la vie. Now I get to use my “samples” and “testers” for myself! 😉 Haha.

Eric and I are not “technically” together anymore, though we still see each other and have sexual relations with each other and he still tells me he loves me, but only when provoked. I don’t know what’s going to happen regarding us, but I’m hoping with all my heart and soul that we can patch things back up and end up back together, even if our families hate the other person in the relationship now. Sigh.


I’ve also recently become EXTREMELY sexually stimulated practically all the freaking time and find myself having to masturbate a lot to relieve some of the sexual tension that builds up within me. Don’t ask me what brought it on, because I have absolutely no freaking clue, though I’m not really complaining. 😉 Was that TMI? Oops, my bad. Lol.


I’ve also regained my ability to “squirt”! Yah! I thought I had lost it forever! *sigh of relief* Hehe. That was probably TMI too. Haha.


I plan on reviewing some Pure Romance products that I have, as well as some products from the store I used to work at that I just haven’t gotten around to talking about yet being that I’ve been so absent, and also some erotic books that I’ve been reading. Keep an eye out for those. 😉

I’ll try to update more often from now. Super pinkie swear! ❤

Connection Erection

Written back in 2013.


For me, sex is about the experience. It doesn’t always have to lead to me getting off or orgasming or cumming or however you want to say it. For me, as long as it’s pleasurable and we’re both enjoying ourselves, it’s all good. I like the connection to him that I feel when we’re making love. I like the intensity of the pleasure he can give me, which feels like one never ending orgasm anyway so I don’t feel a particular need to have a “standard orgasm” with that “one big release”. I’d much rather have the never-ending pleasure that just goes on and on and on until I have to tell him to stop because it’s just too intense for me. That’s what I like. It’s what I CRAVE.

Our sex life has only gotten better and better since he moved back home and we were able to start having sex more than once a year.

I have a list of goals I want to achieve by September 2015, 101 of them, that I started setting out to achieve on January 1 of this year. One of my goals was to have sex once a week in 2013. Well, that’s only 52 times, and we’ve already bypassed the half-way point of that goal within the first 5 months of the 12. It’s nice. And great. And very satisfying.

I look forward to sex now, when before I just dreaded it. Especially when I know he’s going to blow my mind and send me into subspace with his attentiveness to my pleasure. Then I REALLY get excited. Lol. And I know he won’t and can’t do that every time. Sometimes he’s tired or just wants a quickie. And that’s understandable. But the knowledge that he CAN do that to me, and WILL do that to me sometime in the future is always a tantalizing and encouraging enticement to approach sex with a willing and hopeful attitude.

Now, I just need to figure out how to get over my issues with blow-jobs… 😉 Lol. That’s a saga that’s to be continued…

What’s New in the World of Moi?

Hey gang!

It really has been what feels like forever since I’ve been here, and I just wanted to give you guys a little update as to what’s been going down in my life. 😉

I no longer work at the retail sex store, but I still work in the sex industry. I now run a Pure Romance business, Pure Romance by Mandy, and I don’t just do in-home parties, I also do Facebook parties as well, and you can find me on FB at my Fanpage.

Right now, I’m actually running a Booking Blitz to try and book as many parties as possible and even offering a prize for booking a party or referring people to me who book parties. We’re launching a new product line on March 15th and if you book a party or get someone else to book a party, you get to choose a product worth $50 or less if you or whoever you referred keeps their original party date (for an in-home party) or makes at least $300 in retail sales (for an FB party).

You can contact me through my Fanpage on Facebook or through email at purelyromanticalmandy@gmail.com to book parties, though since this is a blog I’m assuming most of you would do FB parties, which last a week and are done through an events page on FB, where you can invite as many of your friends are you want, even men (because men aren’t allowed at in-home parties due to corporate policy, unless it’s under special circumstances). Help me help myself and my team by booking a party or referring someone to book a party through me today through Wednesday, though I’ll take bookings after that of course, that’s just when the prize giveaway is good for! 😉


In other news, I moved in with my fiance/boyfriend into our first very own apartment back at the end of September and we’ll be celebrating our 10 year anniversary on March 13th. 🙂

So I’m still fighting the good fight with sexual empowerment through my new business, which I just started in January, and still planning to keep up this blog!

And if you’re ever in the market for sexual products, check me out with my Pure Romance business, because if you don’t want to order directly through me, which you can do through my email, purelyromanticalmandy@gmail.com, you can order through my website, linked above a few times, and they’ll ship it directly to you discreetly and I’ll still get the credit for it. 🙂

Au revoir for now!

Societal Slandering

Why is it that when we hear the word “slut” or anything similar to it in connotation that we get so bent out of shape and down about ourselves as women? Shouldn’t it be something that is “okay” and “accepted”, that women can be sexually provocative too and it’s all right?

Many know that I’m someone who hold intense feminists beliefs and views, and I believe that we live in a culture where women are NOT treated equally as men, especially in issues of sexuality, but I do admit that we HAVE gotten closer to equal rights for both sexes than we used to be.

That said, I still believe we have a long way to go until we reach TRUE and PURE equality, as I believe that people should all be treated as PEOPLE and not “man” or “woman” and that we should all truly be equal in terms of rights and things of that nature.

That doesn’t mean I still don’t think there should be separate things for women and men, like restrooms. I still think there should be separate restrooms, by the way. I just think that women and men should be on equal footing in all regards when it comes to social and societal aspects of things. Like our pay shouldn’t depend on our gender. And there should be no shit like “victim blaming” where we teach girls how to protect themselves from getting raped, but we say nothing to men about how NOT to rape. That’s my biggest feminist issue right there: rape culture.

As a by-product of that culture, having been molested as a teenager, I was a victim of “victim blaming”, where I was told by both my father and friends that it was MY FAULT because I CHOOSE to be in that situation. Yes, because women just LOVE to be raped and molested, so we TOTALLY choose to ALLOW ourselves to be taken advantage of and traumatized for life. Because that makes SO MUCH SENSE. *headdesk*

I believe boys and girls should be taught more about sex and even masturbation in schools and that we should also be taught basic relationship skills about how to maintain a healthy and loving relationship with another person. We need to be taught how to respect one another and communicate, because those are skills that are more important than math or any of that shit.

I believe women shouldn’t have to worry about being called derogatory names or judged if they choose to dress a little sexily or show a little skin or cleavage. Sex should not be something that is hidden in the shadows and made out to be a “bad thing” that is “dirty” and “shameful”.

We need to teach women AND men to love their bodies and cherish them and not be ashamed of themselves.

And that’s what I have to say about that.

Don’t forget my contest! See all the info here!