Louise L’amour

I’m a model who mostly does nude photo shoots.

I go by the name Louise L’amour because I didn’t want my family and friends to find my nude photos at first. Lol.

Also, I choose the name because my middle name is Louise and both of my grandmothers’ middle names are Louise and the grandmother I grew up knowing and was close to went by the name Louise, my mom’s mom. I choose the last name because my grandfather, my mom’s dad, used to read a lot of Louis L’amour books and I also took French in high school and college and was/am obsessed with the idea of “love” and I even have the word L’amour tattooed on my left wrist in my now ex-fiance’s handwriting and I also went by the username l’amour on a few websites. Haha. So Louise L’amour seemed perfect to me.

Now I’m more comfortable with the art I create with my body and am ready to share it with the world.

I’m a bit chubby and hairy, as I don’t shave at all, so I’m all natural, everywhere.

I charge between $60-70 per hour for shoots in which I am unclothed, though if you’re a really fantastic photographer, I may just pose for you just to add to my portfolio. Clothed shoots usually run between $40-50.

I’ve got a tattoo on my left wrist (as I mentioned before) and my ears are pierced. My hair is now short, above shoulder length.

I should have more recent pictures to add to my portfolio soon, so keep an eye out for those.