The title means “rope harness”.

Just before we moved into our own apartment, my ex-fiance and I did a little rope bondage, as I was feeling a little forlorn that he had shared something so intimate with a girl he hardly knew in Seattle (and the bitch had been naked too, grrrr….., though it hadn’t been sexual in nature, just practice for him with tying knots and such), but he had never done anything regarding rope with me. And I had gone to a lot of trouble of getting into the rope community here in my own city just because he was getting into it in Seattle. So understandably, I was a little upset.

So one day, he decided to try his hand at creating a rope harness around my body using only his memory of what he had learned in Seattle (and from books I had bought from the sex store I worked at and sent him as presents). The following was the result:



It was very intimate, having him wrap the rope around me and tie me up. Extremely erotic. I loved it. And I loved the harness itself. I found, and still find it, beautiful.

And afterwards, we had absolutely AMAZING sex with me still in the harness. He would pull on it to pull me closer, to just move me around and control me, and it was glorious. I definitely reached subspace that day. And the rope was so soft and supplicating against my skin. We used the Japanese Silk Bondage Rope from the Fetish Fantasy Series by the company Pipedream.

He can be an amazing lover when he wants to be, it’s just that with my sex issues and us rarely having sex, the sex between us had become so mundane and honestly kind of boring. There was no spark, no passion, no…love. Or at least it didn’t feel like there was any love… 😦 And it made me very very sad. That probably explains why I was having trouble orgasming during sex with him. But that’s a topic for another day. This post was just to showcase the beauty of my harness.

Even if it makes my heart ache a little.



Let me explain a little more about my experiences with BDSM.

I’m not into the whole “pain” aspect of it. I dabble in dominant/submissive play and I’m what one of my kinky friends calls a “sensation whore”. I like things like electric shock and sensual massage.

I admit I DO like a little pain while having sex, but that’s mostly a vaginal thing, not really pain on any part of my body.

I like rope because it’s like art. The intricate knots and elaborate ties are masterworks and I love to be the canvas on which the art is created.

I know rope can be sensual but I’ve yet to experience that side of it, though I hope to one day get the opportunity too. I’ve witnessed a few sensual rope scenes and they are incredibly erotic and beautiful and arousing. I watched a professional rigger cut the clothes off one of my friends with a pocket knife then roughly tie her up with force and intent but with concern for her safety at all times and then passionately touch and kiss her. It was incredible.

I was jealous, I admit, because the passion in the scene was so evident and I longed for that. I do have that passion in my life now, as opposed to not having it then, but I still hope to incorporate rope back into my life at some point, and to hopefully incorporate it into my sex life with my boyfriend.

I would like to tie him up and be tied up by him.

In the realm of D/s, I have a story I wrote about my foray with my boyfriend into it, and I may post that here for you to read, though I warn you it is very erotic, as it is erotica after all.

I also recently came into possession of a copy of a book called “A Little Bit Kinky”, so keep an eye out for that too. πŸ˜‰

Knotty Girl

My boyfriend, during the course of our relationship, moved to Seattle, WA for about three years to find himself and do some growing up. Though the separation was painful, it allowed up both to grow, as individuals and as a couple, in ways that we would never otherwise have gotten the chance to.

While he was out there, he became interested in “the lifestyle”, otherwise commonly known as BDSM. I began working at the sex store around this time, so endeavored to discover all I could about BDSM in order to share in this new found interest of my lover’s.

This isn’t a post to educate about BDSM though. This is just to share my experience with it. I encourage anyone who wants to learn more to do some research and I’ll even review a book a two down the line here in this blog that I think are good for getting into the lifestyle or just for learning more about it.

Anyway, back to the story. Lol.

I discovered there was a local BDSM group in my town and I decided to go to one of their public meetings and see what it was all about, especially because the meeting was being held at my store, so I felt comfortable with the idea of being at my place of work.

That’s how I became involved in rope.

My boyfriend, who is actually my fiance but I just still say boyfriend until concrete wedding plans are laid down πŸ˜‰ , was high interested in the rope tying aspect of BDSM, so I joined the sect of the BDSM group here that dealt with that.

I was overwhelmed by the kindness and acceptance I received from the lovely people of both the regular BDSM group and the rope group and I was NEVER pushed to do anything outside of my comfort zone. I was never asked to take off my clothes, EVER, and my health problems, of which there are a myriad, were respected and even made priority when it came to tying me up.

My rigger, or the person tying me up primarily, was a middle-aged guy who was kind, compassionate, and had a penchant for wearing kilts. ol. He was hilarious and charming and now lives in the upstate with his mate. He was never anything but gentle and concerned when he tied me up, and he created some seriously stunning pieces of art on my body.

I have recently been not attending much of the groups events, both rope and regular, and I’ve been working a TON and my boyfriend moved back home about a year ago and seems to have lost most of his interest in the lifestyle, which I am completely okay with and accepting of.

The community still accepts me as one of it’s own though and welcomes me to events if I ever get the chance to go. These people have really opened my eyes to the kinky side of sexuality and showed me that it’s okay and even wonderful to be different sexually and that it doesn’t have to always be just normal or “vanilla”. They’ve helped me become more accepting of sexuality as a whole and not to be ashamed of it, but to embrace and cherish it and to actually LOVE it.

For that, I thank them. Immensely.