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Just a little blurb before we get to the real meat of the entry that I didn’t want to include in my last post because I didn’t want to take away from the seriousness of it, but my anniversary with WordPress was on August 1st! Happy Anniversary to meeeeee!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



Here’s my opinion on anal:


There, I said it. Anal=not gay. The end. Period.

I truly believe that anal is just another way for men and women to enjoy each other. Or hell, if you ARE gay, then for women to enjoy women or men to enjoy men. It’s just about pleasure, it’s not about your sexual preference or even your romantic preference.

It’s a now known fact that prostate stimulation, through anal penetration, is actually BENEFICIAL to men’s health. It keeps them from getting prostrate problems and allows them to be healthier than they would be if they weren’t having their prostrate stimulated.

And the prostate orgasm is supposed to be the BEST orgasm a man can have.

So to all you guys out there, DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY ANAL. Let her peg you. Experiment. See what it’s like. See if you enjoy it. If you do, more power to you! If you don’t, then at least you can say you tried it out just to know.

But please, start SMALL then work your way up to BIG. Don’t just go BIG. This is for women too. Going BIG immediately, like with a PENIS, is BAD. You can tear or rip your hole. That’s not good. And of course if you do something like go big at first, it WILL HURT. And that’s not the purpose of anal AT ALL. It’s to feel PLEASURE. So if it HURTS, you’re doing something wrong.

You can start with fingers. One, then two, then three. If you’re squimish about putting your fingers in someone’s rectum, use a condom or a finger condom. Or use butt plugs. Start out slim and small, then work your way up.

I had to do this with my vagina. In order to have sex, I had to dilate myself with, well, dilators that I bought from a medical website because of all the psychological issues I was having that prevented me from being able to have sex without the help of anything like toys or lube.

The butt is much like a vagina of a person like me, where you can’t just go for the penis, you have to work your way up to the penis.

I just wanted to get my opinion on anal sex out there for all to know, because I really feel it’s a total shame when people get uppity about it and claim it makes you a “fag” or any of those other derogatory and WRONG words that imply you’re “homosexual”.

You know what I say to those people?


And that’s that. 😉

Emmanuel Nine


I feel that being that this blog is titled “Sex and the HOLY CITY”, I should at least acknowledge the horrible event that occurred in my city and made us a staple on the evening news now-a-days.

It was heart-breakingly tragic. So tragic. And so unnecessary. Racism shouldn’t exist today. We should have overcome that shit a very long time ago. And it’s absolutely infuriating that we haven’t.

My dad is a hardcore racist, except he likes certain African-American people he knows. So he picks and chooses his racism, which is stupid. His whole way of thinking is stupid. I admit, I used to crack racist jokes with my dad and my best friend when I was younger and sometimes, even in recent years, just to relive the past, but it’s sad that that’s how I remember my past: racism.

When will we as a culture evolve to look beyond the color of people’s skin but into the content of their characters? When will people stop living up to the stereotypes placed upon them and furthering the racial war that seems to still be waging in this country?

It’s time. It’s time to evolve. Time to grow. Time to STOP. Time to LOVE. Time to ACCEPT.

*drops mic*


Sexualizing Children and Society’s Impact On It *EDITED*

*EDIT: Just wanted to post something I found on another blog, which is the American Psychological Association’s definition of sexualization, which says when any of these four components are presents, that’s when sexualization occurs:

  • a person’s value comes only from his or her sexual appeal or behavior, to the exclusion of other characteristics;
  • a person is held to a standard that equates physical attractiveness (narrowly defined) with being sexy;
  • a person is sexually objectified — that is, made into a thing for others’ sexual use, rather than seen as a person with the capacity for independent action and decision making; and/or
  • sexuality is inappropriately imposed upon a person.*


A friend of mine posted something on FB today that I really wanted to share with you guys. I’ll also share my response to it, to give a more well-rounded view of the whole thing.

I'm having trouble with something. I am bothered by little girls wearing make up. It upsets me. The first thing I think is "That's too grown up." A part of me sees it as too grown up because it's "sexualizing" a child. I sometimes wince when I see teenagers wearing what I would, traditionally think of as, very adult clothes like very, very short skirts.

None of this seems unreasonable because that is the kind of thinking I grew up with. However.. since becoming an anti-rape culture activist and pushing forward to end slut shamming (ex: a girl wearing certain clothes or make up means she wants sex and she doesn't think highly of herself, she must want all kinds of men.. etc etc. This is what I want to end)..

I'm having trouble with knowing where to draw the line. For me, in the child example, I don't think that's outrageous. it is shocking to see a grown up face and "grown up" issues on someone who probably still literally cries over spilt milk (however, I feel strange that I feel make up is "sexualizing" them. THoughts on that?).. But where do you draw the line with teenagers? The "age of consent" is all over the place. It varies from state to state let alone from country to country.

Yet, I have no problem when it's an 18 year old girl wearing whatever she wants. I never see it as "sexualizing" then. What the hell people? I dislike hypocrisies.. and yet there seems to be something here I can't explain. What do you think?

My response will be shared in bold. My friend who wrote the original post’s response will be shared in italics again.

I agree that sexualizing children and teens is a very bad thing and needs to be stopped, but I also see where you’re coming from in questioning what exactly “sexualizing” means. Like, why does make-up automatically mean “sexualizing” or hell, why do short skirts even mean “sexualizing”? Short skirts is a little bit easier to understand in terms of sexualizing, because it’s exposing more skin and showing the ass, which is definitely sexual in nature, though at the same time, should we even really consider body parts “sexual”, like how people consider breasts sexual when they really serve a purpose in the production of milk to feed children. Should we be trying to desexualize things like body parts or the wearing of make-up or the baring of flesh? I dunno. It’s a tough subject to really have an opinion on because society has so much baring on our thought processes because of how it’s infected us since childhood and been beaten into our brains since childhood. :-p

Yeah! This is EXACTLY my conflict. You're saying it better than I can at the moment. It bugs me that I automatically go "that's too sexy for that age." And I can't tell where the reaction comes from. I am super uncomfortable when .. well, like when I see beauty pageants for little girls? But.. anyway.. why is it that I sometimes think "too sexy" for teenagers? And other days? I don't even notice. Not really.

I think about different societies and how they treat various outfits when I'm thinking of this. Short skits is not allowed or dismissed or ignored in India. In Brazil? People ride the bus in bikinis and no one blinks an eye (so I'm told). It's so normal for them and doesn't automatically get defaulted to sex. And I LIKE that. I also hear that Europe is far less conservative than America is about this. I mean, that's many countries to discuss but on a whole, that's the impression I have.

She asked for a few of her friends opinions as well, so I may update this or write a new post to share their responses, but I just felt that this was a good topic of discussion for you guys to see and hopefully comment on as well. Let me know what you think!

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