50th Post! Funny Pics to Celebrate!

This is my 50th post on this blog! Yah! To celebrate, I’ve decided to post some pictures from back when I worked at the sex store from during one of our training sessions, which consisted of representatives from various companies coming to our store and educating us on their products and what they had coming out and in the works…and also doing demos of said products…sometimes on us… Lol! And I’m not a shy one, I always volunteer where others won’t. Haha.

First up, I believe this was the Sportsheets Doggie Style Strap. I THINK it was the vibrating one, and she had it turned on. LOL. So that was a VERY interesting experience, to say the least. Haha!




This is the Sportsheets Expandable Spreader Bar. I really wish I could remember this reps name, because she was SOOOOOOO awesome! She was educational, as well as being interactive and exciting and just funny as all get out and FUN. ❤ If you ever read this, Sportsheets rep, I hope you don’t mind me posting these photos, and just know that you totally made my life with this day of training. It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had. ❤



Well, hope everyone enjoyed those pics of my exciting training session! 😉 My next post will be a very risque post, so look out for that one! ❤

Catch Up Time!

So let me get you all caught up on what’s been happening in the life of me…

My Pure Romance business basically went under because I couldn’t secure any in-person parties, which are the meat of a Pure Romance business, so it was basically costing me money to keep it going, so I let it go. C’est la vie. Now I get to use my “samples” and “testers” for myself! 😉 Haha.

Eric and I are not “technically” together anymore, though we still see each other and have sexual relations with each other and he still tells me he loves me, but only when provoked. I don’t know what’s going to happen regarding us, but I’m hoping with all my heart and soul that we can patch things back up and end up back together, even if our families hate the other person in the relationship now. Sigh.


I’ve also recently become EXTREMELY sexually stimulated practically all the freaking time and find myself having to masturbate a lot to relieve some of the sexual tension that builds up within me. Don’t ask me what brought it on, because I have absolutely no freaking clue, though I’m not really complaining. 😉 Was that TMI? Oops, my bad. Lol.


I’ve also regained my ability to “squirt”! Yah! I thought I had lost it forever! *sigh of relief* Hehe. That was probably TMI too. Haha.


I plan on reviewing some Pure Romance products that I have, as well as some products from the store I used to work at that I just haven’t gotten around to talking about yet being that I’ve been so absent, and also some erotic books that I’ve been reading. Keep an eye out for those. 😉

I’ll try to update more often from now. Super pinkie swear! ❤

Say Cheese!

I’m trying to get back into modeling…particularly nude modeling. It seems it’s what I’m best at and I think I look better unclothed than clothed anyway. Plus, I think the naked body is a work of art and should be celebrated, as I might have mentioned before in here. If I have, it bares repeating. If not, well, know you know. Lol.

I’m also trying to publish a book of my poetry. I’m going to have to go the self-publishing route, as not many agents take poetry clients these days, which really sucks, but c’est la vie. *shrugs* I don’t know how much it’s going to cost to print books, but I have a feeling it’s NOT going to be cheap, and having no job because I’m pretty much disabled due to fibromyalgia and bipolar and clinical depression, I’m having to rely on the good will and kindness and generosity of my mother who is helping me out. But I’ve got other expenses too, like medications and doctors visits and therapy appointments, plus I can’t help but order stuff I probably really don’t need but that I really want because buying things for myself makes me feel better emotionally. Blah. So not sure when the book is actually going to happen.

I have a website:

Check it out if you’d like. There’s a link to my portfolio from my modeling on there.

But I need to update it because the last pictures I have are from 2013 and that’s not an accurate representation of what I look like now. I’ve been trying to schedule a shoot with this really talented photographer who is from out of town and is coming into town in the coming weeks, but I don’t want to go alone, and Eric is the only one I trust to be with me during shoots because he’s the only one I feel comfortable modeling around. And Eric is being flippant about helping me out and committing to a date so I can schedule with the photographer. He doesn’t seem to understand that it can’t just be a last minute thing. I can’t just say say to the photographer, “Oh, hey, hope you’re not busy, I can come by this evening!” the day of. *headdesk*

Eric just doesn’t want to ask his dad for an evening off because his dad would be curious why he needs an evening off and Eric doesn’t want his family to know he’s still in contact with me in any fashion, even though he’s more than willing to rush over here to fuck me multiple times a week. Sigh. I’m just his “dirty little secret”…and I don’t like it one damn bit. But that’s a whole other story.

I also have an amateur photographer who wants to do a nude shoot and wouldn’t mind taking pics of me doing naughty things to Eric, if Eric’s willing, and Eric’s face wouldn’t even have to be in the shots, just his perfect penis, which deserves to be photographed and which I would be honored to have nice photos of me worshiping it. 😉

I’m just frustrated because I’m very unhappy with my body as it is right now. I’m at the highest weight I’ve EVER been at and I feel ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. I have fucking STRETCH MARKS for crying out loud! I have NEVER had stretch marks! I nearly had a fucking heart attack when I saw those horrible horrible things on my thighs and about cried when I realized they were on the UNDERSIDE of my tummy too, because my tummy actually HAS an underside because it’s like a gigantic roll. Ugh. I apologize for my venting about my abhorrence of my body, it’s just been building up inside of me since I decided to start trying to model again. I’m afraid the photographers will see me and decide there’s just no way they can make me look good in photos and just cancel the shoot all together. 😦

I’ve also got cellulite on my ass. CELLULITE. WHAT THE FUCK?! Again, I have NEVER EVER dealt with that before in my ENTIRE life! So I started using a cream by the company System JO called the JO Maximizer Shaping Cream that’s supposed to help grow your boobs and tone your butt. I’m hoping it’ll do both for me, to a wonderful degree. I’ll let you know how it works.

I guess I just needed to vent and talk about wanting to nude model and look good while doing it. I just don’t want to make terrible and bad pictures. 😦

But I’ll leave on a good note. Here’s a work of art that my friend did for me that is very very naughty. I wish I looked like this in real life! Lol!


Publically Indecent

Written in 2013.


We were naughty the other day. Hehe.

He came by my work and we had a little “rendezvous” after we had dinner in the parking lot across the street from my job while I was on break.

We didn’t get too freaky or anything like that, but we got frisky enough and it was majorly HAWT to be doing something so scandalous in such a public place. Granted, it wasn’t like it was a busy parking lot or anything like that. It was at a warehouse where everyone had left for the day already. But still, it was risky to US and that made it feel dangerous and sexy. 😉

How do you guys feel about public sex and have you ever been raunchy enough to do it yourselves? Do you fantasize about it? Is it a goal of your’s? Tell me about your experiences!

Mine made me feel like a sex goddess again, having such an allure over my man that he just had to have me right there, right then, no matter who saw. Rawr!

What’s New in the World of Moi?

Hey gang!

It really has been what feels like forever since I’ve been here, and I just wanted to give you guys a little update as to what’s been going down in my life. 😉

I no longer work at the retail sex store, but I still work in the sex industry. I now run a Pure Romance business, Pure Romance by Mandy, and I don’t just do in-home parties, I also do Facebook parties as well, and you can find me on FB at my Fanpage.

Right now, I’m actually running a Booking Blitz to try and book as many parties as possible and even offering a prize for booking a party or referring people to me who book parties. We’re launching a new product line on March 15th and if you book a party or get someone else to book a party, you get to choose a product worth $50 or less if you or whoever you referred keeps their original party date (for an in-home party) or makes at least $300 in retail sales (for an FB party).

You can contact me through my Fanpage on Facebook or through email at to book parties, though since this is a blog I’m assuming most of you would do FB parties, which last a week and are done through an events page on FB, where you can invite as many of your friends are you want, even men (because men aren’t allowed at in-home parties due to corporate policy, unless it’s under special circumstances). Help me help myself and my team by booking a party or referring someone to book a party through me today through Wednesday, though I’ll take bookings after that of course, that’s just when the prize giveaway is good for! 😉


In other news, I moved in with my fiance/boyfriend into our first very own apartment back at the end of September and we’ll be celebrating our 10 year anniversary on March 13th. 🙂

So I’m still fighting the good fight with sexual empowerment through my new business, which I just started in January, and still planning to keep up this blog!

And if you’re ever in the market for sexual products, check me out with my Pure Romance business, because if you don’t want to order directly through me, which you can do through my email,, you can order through my website, linked above a few times, and they’ll ship it directly to you discreetly and I’ll still get the credit for it. 🙂

Au revoir for now!

All Fifty Shades

I went and saw the 50 Shades! Musical (a parody) with some coworkers and it was a blast! My store sponsored it. 🙂

I don’t want to give away to many spoilers so as not to ruin the show for anyone who wants to go and see this version of the production while it’s touring, but the guy playing Christian Grey was probably the best part of entire show. He was freaking HILARIOUS! Omg! Haha. And also the girl playing Anna’s best friend/roommate Katharine was hilarious too. As was Jose, her other friend/love interest. The whole cast was pretty freaking amazing and the songs were the funniest shit I’ve heard in a long time.

It was a great parody, but I’m sure most of the jokes flew over my boyfriend’s head as he hadn’t read any of the books, so I’m sure he was a little lost, but he still seemed to enjoy himself.

The musical was raunchy and dirty and very good. I high recommend it to anyone seeking to find her “inner goddess” or just to have a good night out making fun of a bunch of books that really actually kinda suck. Lol. Which they mention in the musical too. 😉 It’s great! Go check it out! See if it’s “cumming” to a city near you!

And don’t forget to check out the contest I’m having! It’s still running! You can find all the info here.

Turn Me ON

ON is a company whose product we carry in the store. Their “claim to fame” was their awesomesauce clitoral stimulant which is made up of all natural oils and creates intense sensations.

My mom personally LOVES the stuff and it was designed with women going through menopause in mind, so it’s made to be powerful. I have actually never used it yet, as I had a terrible experience with a similar product from a different company, but I DO have samples of the ON clit stim that I plan on using soon, of which I will post a review, of course. 😉

But it’s ON’s newest product that I really came here to talk about. It’s a libido enhancing cream made specifically for women, and I purchased a bottle when we got it in to test it out for myself. I wanted to see if it could rev up my diminished sex drive.

I’ve been using it for over a month now, applying one pump of cream to my tummy area once a day (except for three days when I either didn’t have it with me or just plain forgot to put it on). And I have to say…I’m rather impressed.

It’s given me back the desire to want to have sex, though I don’t get “super horny” or anything like that. I don’t feel the overwhelming urge to have an orgasm, which is what a lot of people expect out of products like this. It just makes me ready and willing to share in sex with my partner.

And the sex has been GOOD.

Not to be TMI, or anything, but I’m wetter and more into it and it’s less painful and more enjoyable. Overall, it’s all around GREAT!

I hope to continue to see more improvements as I continue to use the product, but so far it’s been excellent, in that my medications for my myriad of illnesses, of which there are plenty, have stripped me of my desire and now I can finally feel it coming back to life.

I would highly recommend this product to any woman who is struggling with loss of desire and low libido, as it’s done wonders for me.

I sold a bottle to a young woman recently after telling her about my experiences with the product and sharing a little of my sexual dysfunction story, and I’m hoping she comes back to tell me she had just as great of a reaction, if not even better, as I did.

I give this product a five out of a five rating. It’s fabulous and fantastic.

Rock ON!


Stripped Bare

So tonight was Ladies’ Night. And it was just as wild as I thought it would be. Women all over the dancers…but also the dancers all over the women and touching them in ways I would have slapped the shit out of them if they had done that to me and giving lap dances and being ALL OVER these women. It was just like…damn, really? Lol.

I admit, I got a lap dance from the guy I found the cutest out of the three strippers who came to perform. My boss basically forced me to by shoving $5 in my hand and telling me to get up on stage. Lol. She’s cool. Her boyfriend is the owner of the stripper company we hired. He also performs with his group and gave her a lap dance of her own. Hehe.

My dance was…interesting? I guess you could say that. Lol. I giggled the whole time and just found the whole thing funny, really. It just seems like an absurd thing to do, rubbing your junk all up on some girl you don’t even know and being all sexy on her. It just makes me laugh, because it’s obviously so fake. There’s no passion, no, well…love… And that’s what makes it so comical for me.

He WAS a really hot dude with a banging body, and i do admit to fantasizing about what sex with him would be like, but only for a brief moment before I go back to fantasizing about sex with my lovely boyfriend who doesn’t mind that we have to take it slow because it hurts me and who DOES have passion and love. Granted, his body isn’t perfect, but neither is mine, and I love him just the way he is.

Over all, it was a good night, and the lap dance experience wasn’t so bad, though I wasn’t really “turned on” or anything by it, just mostly amused and gleeful that I actually got to touch such a wonderful looking body. Lol. Because the stripper basically FORCED me to touch him by grabbing my hands and putting them on his ass while he kissed up on my neck. Yeah… Lol. I was trying to be respectful and NOT touch him, but he circumvented that, obviously. :-p

I was a little grossed out and disgusted with the fact that he was rubbing his stuff all over me and leaning into me and pressing his skin to my skin. I’m not comfortable with that kind of intimacy with someone I don’t know or care for deeply, but it was a significant decrease in the level of grossed-out-ness I felt, and I was able to actually enjoy myself instead of being just totally disgusted. 🙂

Yah progress! And strippers who are hawt! And nice and friendly and a little flirty…. 😉

Oh Yes It’s Ladies’ Night, And the Feelings Right…

Or not quite…

Tomorrow night my store is hosting an event we call Ladies Night, where we will have drinks, appetizers, vendors raffling off prizes and talking about their products and doing demonstrations and such, and….

Male strippers.

There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by hordes of horny ass women fawning all over half-naked men that makes one really uncomfortable with their own state of sexuality, especially someone who already has issues with sex.

I’m not a prude by any means, but it is a little unsettling to watch how these women paw these men in ways that NO man would ever be allowed to do to a female stripper without being immediately pummeled by security and bouncers and then subsequently arrested by the police for sexual harassment or assault.

But I do enjoy our Ladies’ Nights because I get to help out women who are usually too timid to come into our store on their own during regular business times or who have just never ventured in for some reason or another. It brings me great joy to be able to assist women (and men, but men aren’t allowed at the event, except for the security peeps and the strippers) in bettering their sex lives and bringing more joy and happiness (haha, that’s a Kandi Burress sex toy, the Happiness and Joy) to them, even if it’s in a small way. 🙂

I also went to training today for my job, to learn more about the products we carry from the vendors themselves, and I received a good amount of swag that I’m looking forward to trying out. Whenever I try out a new product, I’m going to write a review on it here in this blog. In fact, there’s a certain product I’m trying out now that I’ll post an entry about within the week, though I’m still in the process of trying it out, so I might need to wait a bit longer before doing a review so I can have the complete experience before I pass my judgement on it…. Lol.